The Elven Curse

A story about kings, priests, elves and a woman in a wheelchair. You may want to start your journey with the Prologue. 😉


A little while ago, I shared a picture of Neel with you. Today I’ve got a picture of Bel, also created in Artbreeder. Bel has verdigris eyes and short, mahogany curls. Though she looks frail, she’s tough. She has a great eye for detail and she’s a leader. Beldenka and her identical twin sister Belinska… Read more Bel


Today I’ve got a surprise for you: A picture of Neel, created in Artbreeder. Unfortunately, the software did not allow me to give him golden eyes – his real eye colour – so you’ll just have to imagine his eyes being golden. Of course, you already know Neel, but today I’m sharing some of my… Read more Neel

Map of Sor

Today I finished drawing my map of Sor, the world where my story The Elven Curse is situated. It’s by no means a perfect map, and not very detailed either, but for now it will suffice. It gives a nice overview of the world. I’ll draw more detailed maps later, I’m sure. I also added… Read more Map of Sor

Chapter 2

Getting up in the morning was never easy but now, with stiff, burning muscles, it was even harder. His own stupid fault for allowing himself to grow soft. Neel kept his eyes closed and tried to go back to sleep. In vain. His bladder reminded him there were other bodily functions that needed to be… Read more Chapter 2


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